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/ Counselor/Staff Application

Counselor/Staff Application

The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania Volunteer Counselors and/or Staff will be selected based on background, expertise, certifications, and references. Applicants are expected to be present without interruption at the Program/Camp/Event Location for the entirety of the Program. The Counselor Application Form (filled out here) and Clergy Reference Form (downloaded below, filled out, and scanned back to both need to be submitted before being considered. Background checks using (see instructions below) will also need to be completed before a Counselor can participate in a Program, Camp, or Event in Volunteer Leadership. An email to notify applicants of their acceptance status will be sent with adequate time for clearances to be processed.

Applicant’s Information

Date of Birth
Birth Sex
Primary Phone
Email Address
Name and Location of Parish
Have you lived in Pennsylvania for the past ten (10) consecutive years?
Emergency Contact: Name
Emergency Contact: Phone

Additional Information

Skills, Certifications and Areas of Interest
Please list any applicable certifications and skills (mail a copy of any related certifications)

General Medical Information

Do you have any medical concerns that may arise at the retreat?
Do you have any allergies (seasonal, medicinal, or food-related)?
Please list any current medications


Please write 2-4 sentences in response to each question.

Why do you want to volunteer at The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania?
What strengths or skill sets would you bring to The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania should you be selected as a counselor or staff?
Do you have any prior experience working with children or at a camp? Explain.

Applicant Requirements and Release Statement:

Please initial each of the following lines to acknowledge that you will meet the following prerequisites of becoming a Volunteer with The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania:


I am 18 years of age or older
I have the desire and the ability to work with the children who attend a Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania Program.
I will uphold and abide by the Program's rules, and always maintain an Orthodox Christian environment and lifestyle at said Programs.
I will be present for the entirety of the Youth Program I volunteer for without interruption.

Policies and Documents Requiring Acceptance

I accept the Counselor/Staff Release Form.
I accept the Social Media Policy.
I attest that all the above information is true and agree to all of the contents of this application.
Applicant’s Signature
Please type your full legal name as your signature.

Non-Discriminatory Notice: The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania (and its Programs) does not and will not discriminate against any student, employee, or other person because of race, color, religious origin, age, sex, veteran’s status, or disability.  


Please include scans (or pictures) of the following items and send to

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Any Relevant Certifications


Clearance Guidelines

OCA Guidelines now require use of the online Protect My Ministry program at This website enables the Diocese to run a background check on each volunteer. It also requires state-mandated child abuse clearances and criminal background checks to be uploaded in a location where they are available to the Diocesan and OCA administration. The Protect My Ministry program is mandatory, but the camp will cover the associated costs. After you are accepted as a counselor for this season, you will receive instructions about what you will need to submit this year in order to be in compliance.


Questions may be directed to: 



All 2024 applicants must have a completed Clergy Reference Form on file, filled out by their parish priest. This form is due ASAP and should be emailed directly from your priest to All returning counselors from summer 2023 or Winter Camp 2024 need not submit a new clergy reference form. 

Thank you for your application to The Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania.

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